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Whether it's offering value-added breeding stock heifers to a buyer or providing fresh and flavorful cuts of Rebecca, GA-raised Angus beef to a family’s table, we hang our hats on the quality of our operation as a whole. 

This has been an awesome experience! I cannot believe how much meat we got! We cooked a steak the other day and it was amazing!

- Stacie


New! CCC Beef is offering your Weekly Beef Fix and other curated beef boxes! Get your hands on a box full of Rebecca, GA-raised beef. No more figuring out what to “fix” for supper - your Weekly Beef Fix has you covered!


Follow our social media accounts for beef box announcements.

To order your Weekly Beef Fix, call or text Erica at 229.566.4172. 


*Boxes available while supplies last.

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📦 Weekly Beef Fix: Varies weekly. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

📦 Got Ground Beef?: 10lb ground beef box


📦 CCC Special: 1 chuck roast, 1 pack of 4 pre-patty 1/3 (5 oz.) burgers, 2lb cube steak, 2lb ground beef, 2lb stew beef & 1lb fajita meat


📦 Wranglers Pick: 2 ribeyes, 2 packs of 4 pre-patty 1/3 (5 oz.) burgers, 3lb cubed steak, 3lb ground beef, 3lb stew beef, & 2lb fajita meat


📦 Barnyard Party Pack: 1 brisket, 2 pack of 4 pre-patty grilling burgers & 2 ribeyes

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