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our cattle

We pride ourselves in the selection of our cows that enter our herd. With a 75% Angus-influenced herd and 100% Angus bulls, we look deep into the genetics to produce the best offspring that will have the best maternal traits you could ask for in a commercial herd as well as an outstanding performance in the feedlot. 

Cattle walking down lane

bred heifer


We host a Bred Heifer Sale here at our farm each July! Our goal each year is to offer fall calving heifers bred to outstanding Angus bulls from our friends at Yon Family Farms and Friendship Farms.

Be on the lookout for information on our upcoming 6th Annual Bred Heifer Sale this July. You can like and follow our social media pages to keep up with important sale information, behind-the-scenes action, pictures of sale cattle, and all the things you need to know about our Bred Heifer Sale. We're excited and look forward to this date year-round!

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