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Make plans to attend our 6th Annual Bred Heifer Sale - July 15th, starting at 1 pm!

This year you can expect 55 AI’d heifers bred to either Fortress, Sure Fire, or Broken Bow. And an additional 120+ heifers pasture bred by some of the best low birthweight Angus bulls. All will be ultrasound confirmed! Trucking will be available on sale day.

This year’s sale will be our largest to date. If you’re in the market for bred heifers, we hope you join us July 15th at the farm in Rebecca, GA!


We’re scheduling farm visits so please reach out if you’d like a look in person before the sale date.


Phillip Crawford at 229.443.0002

Danny Vickers at 229.881.9810

Allen Wiggins at 229.567.7208



2024 Bred Heifers
Pasture 4b
Pasture 4a
Pasture 3
Pasture 2
Pasture 1


Sire selection is one of the most important decisions we make as cow/calf producers! When selecting sires for our bred heifers, we take into account many aspects like calving ease and birth weights to performance data and our production goals. 55 of this year's Sale Heifers were AI bred to either Fortress, Sure Fire, or Broken Bow - some of the finest Angus bulls!


kcf bennett fortress

Fortress is one of the most highly proven spread bulls in the Angus breed. Fortress calves come easy, have great vigor and grow exceptionally well.

Born: 9/25/2011
Birth Weight: 76
Weaning Weight: 635
Yearling Weight: 1054
Frame Score: 5.7
Scrotal Circumference: 35


gar sure fire

Sure Fire defines maternal like a good bull should. He’s high for DOC, HP, CEM, sires the right-size in terms of frame and he stamps his daughters with superb udders.

Born: 2/5/2012
Birth Weight: 84
Weaning Weight: 716
Yearling Weight: 1210
Yearling Scrotal: 40 cm
Yearling Frame: 6.6


km broken bow

Broken Bow is a unique calving ease bull that offers vast amounts of muscle, density, depth, balance, and style. His daughters are proving to be wonderful cows with nice udders and outstanding performance. 


Born: 1/14/2010
Birth Weight: 74
Weaning Weight: 715
Yearling Weight: 1341
Mature Weight: 2220
Frame Score: 5.8
Scrotal Circumference: 36

We're already looking forward to next year's Bred Heifer Sale! Stay tuned for the sale date announcement.

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